I don’t even have kids, but I love this. These are things kids should be taught, and adults can always learn.
My own note: I think love is the biggest thing you can learn from stewardship of an animal.

The Sagebrush Sea

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been living my ideal ranch life lately.   I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time in the car and on the computer, rather than my horse.  As a result, I’ve been stumbling around on the ubiquitous website Pinterest.  The majority of the images are absorbingly lovely and the creative ideas that proliferate there are inspiring.  Amidst my internet procrastination research I discovered this blog, Mommy OM, and these loving, humorous, and insightful posts.

They’ve inspired me to compile my own list: 25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids to Know.

1. You have chores, because we love you.

They seem tedious, but they are the building blocks for your future.  Responsibility, accountability, and basic life skills begin with sweeping the floor, scrubbing the toilet, and feeding pets and livestock.  We love you, we want you to find…

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